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Forest Park

The Trust has adopted a 20 year strategic framework and master plan for the creation of the Heart of the National Forest Park designed to ensure its long term viability as a high quality forest park.

Hover over the map to learn more about the individual components of the master plan:

Map showing components of the master plan 1. Church Gresley Wood 2. Swainspark Wood 3. Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Woodland 4. Donington Pastures 5. Albert Village Lake and Woodlands 6. Pick Triangle 7. Towpath 8. Donington 9. New Albion 10. CONKERS Camping and Caravanning site 11. National Forest Youth Hostel 12. CONKERS 13. Feanedock Covert 14. Hanging Hill Farm 15. Rawdon East Country Park 16. Maybury Wood 17. Sarah’s Wood 18. Ashby Canal